UNDERRATED 80’S R&B: Pointer Sisters, Stevie Wonder


stevie_wonder_hotter_thanOne of the greatest pure soul albums of the 80’s was Stevie Wonder’s Hotter Than July released in 1980. You’ve got his ultimate tribute to Bob Marley (Master Blaster Jammin), the saddest R&B song of the year (Lately), a rockin’ funk jam (I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It), and a call to arms for Martin Luther King Day (Happy Birthday). But lost in the shuffle was a keyboard driven, funky, head boppin’ pop hit called All I Do that is vintage Stevie. Add in backing vocals by an unknown singer named Michael Jackson and you’ve got a classic record here.



From their 1983 Breakout Album, the Pointer Sisters had their biggest selling record. The #1 smash, Jump (For My Love), along with Automatic and the Neutron Dance (featured prominently in Beverly Hills Cop), pushed the trio back into the top of the Billboard R&B charts. But my favorite track on the album was the sweet harmony on their love song, I Need You. June, Ruth, and Anita blended their voices as only sisters can and the song is a beautiful reminder of the 80’s.