UNDERRATED DISNEY SONGS: Phil Collins, Michael Bolton, Tina Turner


tarzan“You’ll Be In My Heart” from Disney’s Tarzan won the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Song from a motion picture.   The uplifting anthem was a return to the charts for Phil Collins after a long hiatus.  “Son Of Mine” also received radio attention.  But the opening song, Two Worlds, is underrated for the hopeful message and the incredible African drum beat throughout the song.   Fun Fact:  The Tarzan soundtrack was Disney’s first album recorded in FIVE different languages.



Hercules_When someone makes a Top 20 list of the greatest songs from Disney movies, this song rarely makes the list.   Part of the reason could be it’s from Hercules, one of the least successful of the Disney film franchise in the 90’s.   But the English version by Michael Bolton and the Spanish version by Ricky Martin, capture the motivational never-say-die attitude that the movie showcased. It’s one of my favorite guilty pleasure songs of all-time. The song didn’t win the Oscar.  It went to a minor hit by Celine Dion from a movie about a boat crashing into an iceberg.


Lion+King+2In my opinion, the greatest Disney film and best soundtrack goes to The Lion King.  The majestic and beautiful African experience was vividly captured by Elton John, Tim Rice, and Hans Zimmer.   But the sequel, Lion King II:  Simba’s Pride had a similar and impressive soundtrack for the direct to video sequel.  Tina Turner does a splendid cover of the movie’s theme, He Lives In You, which is also featured in the Broadway play.