Underrated Rockers Gone M.I.A. – Stereoside

StereosideFor the past three years, this website has been hyping bands like Royal Bliss, Ryan Star, and Stereoside,  who deserve to breakout into headlining arena acts.   Stereoside has a modern rock sound with a little Seattle Grunge and biker band attitude mixed together.  They formed Stereoside in 2006 in Ocala, Florida.   Their 2007 album “So Long” had a sexy CD cover that grabbed your attention but if you bothered to give it a listen, tracks like the Kid Rock-influenced Southern rocker “On Our Way” and the powerful title track had to impress any rock fan.   Unfortunately, they didn’t have any huge radio singles and no major music videos to promote the band, but they continued touring and writing new material.



Stereoside bandStereoside followed it up in 2010 with a 10 song self-titled CD that should have catapulted the Ocala rockers into the big time.  Listen to  “Crazy and Paranoid”, “Walk Alone (Back To You)” and the silly but incredible “Trailer Park Scum” and I guarantee you’ll be hooked by this trio of rockers.  Just take a listen to lead singer Jeff Shields vocals, there is no denying his talent, as the band plays an acoustic version of “Amazing” for a local radio station.      Sadly, one look at the band’s website and no big tour dates are listed for 2015.   It’s been five years since their last CD and time might be running out.  Will Stereoside fall to the wayside and remind us of bands like Seven Mary Three and Badlands who disappeared before their time was due?   Time will tell.
“AMAZING” (acoustic) song starts at 3:24