Usher and Michael Jackson’s Brand New Singles


Usher Good KisserUsher grew up a huge Michael Jackson fan. How fittingly that both artists are debuting 2 hot new singles this week! Just in time for the semi-finals of The Voice, Usher delivers the new video, “Good Kisser”. The mid-tempo R&B track is all over the place. Spoken word introduction, a killer falsetto that dominates the track, explicit lyrics, a soulful funky groove, and a few Michael Jackson squeals thrown in for good measure. One thing that is undeniable, the video is hot! Usher’s slick dance moves, all of those lip closeups, Usher playing drums, and his sexy freckled female co-star holds your attention for all five minutes. Usher is hoping to have a new CD out this winter so “Good Kisser” will have to appease his fans the next few months.


michael jackson xscape love never felt so goodYes, NEW Michael Jackson! Next Tuesday, the CD, Xscape by Michael Jackson is being released. It’s a collection of songs Michael recorded for albums like Off The Wall and Invincible that didn’t make the final cut. The double album will contain one CD of original recordings and a second CD where the songs were “modernized”. A few songs like “Love Never Felt So Good” have been remixed with guest vocals. There are two versions of the lead single, one with MJ alone and one with Justin Timberlake. Although Justin would make a great duet partner for Michael, the solo version just feels more authentic. The song premiered at the iHeart Radio Awards last week. With prom season right around the corner, this new Jackson track sounds like a vintage high school dance favorite from the early 80’s.  Look for another new track “Chicago”, previously entitled “She Was Loving Me” to drop this week.   It was a B-Side from Invincible.

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