“Vacation 2015” Don’t Believe The Critics!

Vacation-PosterGrowing up with the Griswolds, National Lampoon’s Vacation remains one of the funniest movies of all-time.    They took us to Vegas and on a European vacation and each year we relieve their hysterical Christmas party with Uncle Eddie and an early Julia Louis-Dreyfus sighting.    When rumors of a Vacation reboot were in the works most of us likely cringed at remaking such a comedy classic.  “What Could Go Wrong” was even the infamous tagline chosen. Don’t believe the critics panning the film, if you’re looking for a ridiculously over-the-top, sometimes raunchy, but with a big blast of 80’s comedy nostalgia, you’ve got to check out 2015’s Vacation.    Ed Helms takes on the role of the now family leader, Rusty, along with Christina Applegate and their two awkward kids, it’s a road trip you can’t miss.   No spoilers, but look out for some surprising cameos (Walking Dead fans wait for it!!) and some serious laugh out loud moments (the college obstacle course, Chris Helmsworth, whitewater rafting, the rollercoaster line…) that rival the original Vacation’s best scenes.

“HOLIDAY ROAD”      Zac Brown Band


“HEAD OVER HEELS” JD McPHERSON (Vacation Soundtrack)