Vampire Version Of INXS: Halestorm, Twisted Sister, Kazy

“I GET OFF”                        HALESTORM

A seductive, sexy, hard-driving song with an amazing female singer named Lizzy Hale.  Halestorm’s debut CD in 2009 kicked off with this single.   This Pennsylvania band led by Lizzy and her brother opened for Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace in Tampa last year.   Another great track is a killer duet version of “Breaking Inside” with Shinedown where Lizzy added vocals.

“NEED YOU TONIGHT”                       KAZY

Here is a song just waiting to get put into a vampire film and I’m not talking one where the emo vampires sparkle.     This is obviously a cover of INXS but here the tempo is slowed, the vocals are creepy, and the seductive pauses build up the passion.      The feedback over “I’m lonely” really works well!

“THE PRICE”                                TWISTED SISTER

Dee Snider’s hair metal band is famous for their rockers, “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock” but this power ballad from 1984’s Stay Hungry is a forgotten treasure.    MTV loved the over the top videos and the make-up but this gem features Twisted Sister without makeup (a much better look in my opinion) and it’s my all-time favorite song by the band.