VEGAS VACATION (Day 3):   New York Skyline, Luxor Pyramid, Mandalay Bay

VEGAS VACATION (Day 3): New York Skyline, Luxor Pyramid, Mandalay Bay

Mike Pease

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July 5th, 2013


new-york-4Day 3:   They say you sleep when you die but I’m sure after a wild late night 4th of July, a good night’s sleep and a breakfast buffet sounds like a perfect plan for the morning.  Then it’s off to tour New York, New York.   Definitely have to ride their rollercoaster, take some pictures of the Statue of Liberty and the NY Skyline, try a slice of Joe’s famous pizza, plus a little gambling at one of the casinos.  While we’re near Tropicana, have to check out the Luxor Pyramid where Criss Angel did his famous floating stunt.    Leaving the evening plans up for spontaneity, perhaps the Beatles “Love”?


“A DAY IN THE LIFE” Beatles Love Cirque Show

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