new kidsEpic Boy band battles: N’Sync vs Backstreet Boys, One Direction vs The Wanted, The Beatles vs The Monkees, even the Jackson 5 vs The Osmonds, …… 2013 saw a retro boy band battle as New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys both released new comeback CD’s and battled it out at the ticket office with two high profile tours. NKOTB had the better CD and their opening acts, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees, easily trump Pauly D and Jesse McCartney. The Boston boys new single, Whisper, opens with vintage Joey McIntyre vocals and the song’s uplifting chorus is contagious.  Check out the video’s backstage concert footage and I’m loving the five individual risers for each band member.


bsbA new Backstreet Boys CD was a crapshoot, would it be a reminder of the glory days of 1999 or another unsuccessful comeback attempt? The latter appears to be the case. The Backstreet Men haven’t received many strong reviews for their latest material. In fact, their greatest moment in 2013 was their unbelievably awesome cameo in this summer’s movie “This Is The End”. The best song on their new CD is the title track, In A World Like This, unfortunately the rest of the CD doesn’t compare.


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  2. Jessica, I don’t have Twitter but you can email me at Basically, if you wanted to write a couple of paragraphs describing your concert experience that would be great. What stood out to you? Favorite songs? Anything new the band did on this tour? I’m going to link a couple of videos to your write-up. If you have any clips you’d like highlighted, great! If not, I can find some. If you have a blog or website, I’ll cross-promote your site too!

  3. Hi Michael, I just saw your reply right now. I did see them in concert this summer, and I would love to write a review. Please let me know what you need from me.

  4. Kaira, Jessica, and Marisa: Thanks so much for the comments. A friend of mine saw NKOTB during the tour this summer. Did any of you get to see them this year? I’ll dedicate another page to the band if you want to pass along a little concert review?

  5. I agree with Jessica and Kaira. Even “so-called” fan editors are giving negative reviews on their music. I have loved them for the past 25 yrs and spent a lot of time defending them against everyone I could. Even as men, they are still getting negative review Donnie said it best in Block Party “25 yrs and we’re still kicking @$$.” It’s nice to see them getting good reviews. thank you.

  6. I agree with Jessica. It is refreshing to see someone give NKOTB and their comeback a chance rather than chalking it up to novelty and laughing off any attempts at new music. The guys certainly have something to offer and I’ll keep picking it up as long as they keep putting it out!

  7. Hey Mike, Thanks for the fair review. Many critics pan NKOTB without examining their newest music. The Whisper–both the song (which is about the indelible and enduring bond between the guys and fans) and the video shows how they have evolved. There is a reason NKOTB is still selling out arenas all over the world 25 years after their first hit. I hope this video gets nominated for a 2014 VMA Award. Again, thank you for your thoughtful analysis.