VIRAL INTERNET STAR: Zendee plus new Ciara

“BODY PARTY” CIARA ciara-body-partyCiara’s new single, Body Party, has just leaked on the internet. You’ll quickly recognize the sample of the Ghost Town DJ’s 90’s club banger, My Boo. Ciara’s confident, direct, and sexy as hell on the hottest R&B slow jam, so far from 2013. “My body is your party, baby/ Nobody’s invited but you baby/ I can do it slow now, tell me what you want“. Ciara said she’s in a happy place in her personal life and the spirit spills out on her music. Looking forward to the full CD release of One Woman Army in June.


“RUNAWAY”    ZENDEE zandeeOn YouTube it’s called “Random Girl Steps Up To A Karaoke Machine“.    You click on the video and it’s a low tech cell phone video featuring a young Filipino girl in Walmart at the video game section singing along the karaoke track for Whitney Houston’s I’ll Always Love You.  As the song progresses, you’re blown away at Zendee’s incredible voice!   I questioned the authenticity but it’s 100% real.   She’s becoming an internet star and Ellen Degeneres just had her on her talk show.  Here’s her Walmart viral video and Zendee’s first video, Runaway.

“SOMETHING ABOUT OLIVIA” JOHN MAYER john mayer oliviaUnrequited love, that longing feeling deep in your heart for someone you’ve got a crush on. That’s the theme of John Mayer’s latest video. Mystery surrounds the song as who inspired the lyrics. Some have speculated it’s about the newly engaged Jennifer Aniston or perhaps directly about Olivia Wilde? The video eludes that it’s about John’s love for his guitar? Regardless, it’s a beautiful, guitar fueled, slow groove love song that reminds us of epic Mayer tracks like Slow Dancing In A Burning Room or Love For No One.