Vision Quest – Classic 80s Soundtrack

A wrestling movie?   The last wrestling movie anyone remembers is probably Hulk Hogan’s sextape!   You’ve got Mickey Rourke’s comeback flick, “The Wrestler”, and the Oscar nominated gem, “Foxcatcher” starring Mark Ruffalo, as the only two wrestling movies that have been critically acclaimed.  We’re used to seeing silly and absurb movies like Jack Black’s “Nacho Libre”, David Arquette’s (you know Courtney’s brother?) “Ready To Rumble”, and Hulk Hogan’s “No Holds Barred”.    In the mid-80s, “Vision Quest” chalked up another notch on the cheesy wrestling movie list.   The story of a Spokane, Washington high school wrestler (Matthew Modine) who drew inspiration from a smoking hot older woman, Linda Fiorentino, who drifted into his town during wrestling season.   Forrest Whitaker played a small role in the film but what’s most memorable was the movie’s soundtrack that crossed multiple music genres and remains one of the most underrated of the decade.  Madonna had the spotlight with “Crazy For You” but some heavy metal rockers also made their way onto the soundtrack’s final edit. Let’s take a closer look at the Vision Quest Soundtrack:

JOURNEY – “ONLY THE YOUNG”    The album kicked off with one of those huge chorus songs that Steve Perry of Journey made so popular.  Patty Smyth of Scandal also recorded “Only The Young”.

JOHN WAITE – “CHANGE”   “People talkin’ and they saying that you’re leaving….”  with a rat-a-tat guitar riff opening the track, one of John Waite’s greatest hits was perfectly placed in the film.

THE STYLE COUNCIL – “SHOUT TO THE TOP!”    Peter Weller’s jazzy New Wave band brought a little diversity to the soundtrack here.

MADONNA – “GAMBLER”   This rare Madonna track is a high energy dance club smash that you’re only going to find on this soundtrack.  So if you’re a Madge fan, you’ve got to get the album just for this lost classic!

DON HENLEY – “SHE’S ON THE ZOOM”   Who’d have guessed the least memorable song on the album would be from the lead singer of the legendary band, The Eagles.

DIO – “HUNGRY FOR HEAVEN”    The signature song of Ronnie James Dio is a heavy metal tour-de-force anthem.  Lzzy Hale and her band, Halestorm, covered it last year for the RJD Tribute album.

RED RIDER – “LUNATIC FRINGE”    Want to drift back to the early 80s, just close your eyes and drift back to the days when this rock radio anthem by some Canadian rockers dominated rock radio.  There’s a wailing Indian cry that sucks you in instantly. As usual, it’s one of the worst (but best!) low budget videos of the early MTV era.

SAMMY HAGAR – “I’LL FALL IN LOVE AGAIN”  The “Red Rocker” was a huge solo star before his days fronting the post David Lee Roth era of Van Halen.

FOREIGNER – “HOT BLOODED”   The oldest song on the album, Foreigner recorded this classic on their 1977 debut album.

MADONNA – “CRAZY FOR YOU”   The movie’s love theme by Madonna became an international #1 hit and the first major ballad of Madonna’s career.  The original music video spliced in scenes from “Vision Quest” to promote the film.