Wait? The Ramones aren’t a T-Shirt Company?

Ramones Harry Styles One DirectionThe last member of The Ramones, Tommy Ramone, passed away on July 11th this year.   One of the seminal punk bands of all-time rightfully belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  They even won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011.   Any true music fan already knows all of this, but what’s shocking is how so many people have absolutely NO CLUE who The Ramones are.   Even worse, thousands of teens and 20-something hipsters even own and wear a Ramones t-shirt.    Check out this Facebook exchange about a girl’s shirt.



Ramones shirt
“I Love The Ramones!”

“What’s The Ramones?”

“It’s a t-shirt brand”







EPSON scanner imageThe ultimate 70’s punk band appeared on a famous episode of The Simpsons and many think they were simply a made up cartoon band for the show.    Their album “Road To Ruin” continued the cartoon image so it must be true.   Really?  Legendary classic rock historians Harry Styles of One Direction, Andrew Garfield (Spiderman),  country superstar Shania Twain, and the boys in the pop band 5 Seconds of Summer have all been prominently photographed in their Ramones t-shirt.     It might be a trendy fashion statement but if you want to have fun with one of these super fans, when you see them in their classic band t-shirt, ask them if they can name 3 songs by them?   Their clueless look will be all you need to know.
“THE SIMPSONS – Happy Birthday Mr Burns”