Weezer’s Video Of The Year, Michael Franti’s Home Video, Simply Stoopid


Michael_Franti_and_SpearheadMichael Franti has made a career singing reggae, political anthems, and songs with a strong social message. For his 2011 video, Michael wanted to express “the beauty of love”. One of the steamiest videos in recent history, the grainy home camera look captures two young lovers in the throes of passion. The hypnotic vocals work perfectly with the sexy synth beats.


porkbeansvideoGrammy Award Winner: Video Of The Year. Rivers Cuomo really polarized fans with this song and video. It’s a throwback sound to the old days of Weezer with a huge sing along chorus, big guitar riffs, and clever lyrical twists. But others see the song as a commercial sell-out, the radio friendly single put on the album to push units. Regardless of your view, the video is a riot! Diet Pepsi and Mentos, Chocolate Rain, the Dramatic Chipmunk, the Black Ninja, “Leave Britney Alone”, they’re all creativity meshed into one four minute clip.


simply stoopid top of the world2012’s “Top Of The World” CD was another step forward in the career of the SOCA surf rockers, Simply Stoopid.   For the single, Just Thinking, they team with a rapper named Chali 2na, for a laidback, late night song.   You can picture yourself driving at night, head bobbing to this smooth jam of love and positivity.   Many of their songs profess their love of herb but this one is more spiritual in nature and one of the best Simply Stoopid songs in their catalog.