Eminem – “Headlights” & new Jack White: Weird Science

“HEADLIGHTS” Eminem eminem spike lee headlightsReleased this Sunday on Mother’s Day, Eminem sends his mom a very “special” message. Directed by Spike Lee and featuring a chorus sung by Nate Ruess of the pop band, fun, “Headlights” is raw and deeply personal as only Eminem can perform. The video was filmed in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit. Shot in the first-person perspective as Eminem’s mom, Debbie Mathers, is watching memories of her troubled relationship with her son. The touching video concludes with a reconciliation between Eminem and his mom. Eminem will be headlining at London’s Wembley Stadium in July and two special concerts in August with Rihanna at the Los Angeles Rose Ball.

“HIGH BALL STEPPER”   Jack White jack white high ball stepperRemember that commercial, “This is your brain on drugs” and we watched closeups of eggs getting cracked.   Jack White’s trippy video for his new song “High Ball Stepper” takes that theme to epic proportions.   Ever heard of Non-Newtonian fluids?   Things like ketchup, yogurt, even blood, all react differently to temperature than liquids like water.  These non-Newtonian fluids are actually part liquid, part solid.   Imagine what would happen if you put things like yogurt or ketchup on a music speaker and you cranked up the heat and the sound!   It’s like Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is directing this video.   “High Ball Stepper” will entrance you, rock you, and educate you at the same time.   Freaking cool!