Welcome Back Dashboard Confessional!

Call them Emo, call them pop punk, or simply Indie, Dashboard Confessional was one of the rock bands like Taking Back Summer, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, and The Ataris that dominated Rock Radio in the early to mid 2000s.   Then like the waves of the ocean, another tide came in and Emo took a backseat.   A resurgence is on its way marked by Panic! At The Disco topping the album charts earlier this year.   On February 9th, Dashboard Confessional is officially back with their first album in 9 years, Crooked Shadows.   Lead singer and founder, Chris Carraba announced their comeback on MTV News in October.

We are lucky to get a little appetizer before Crooked Shadows comes out a couple months from now.  The rousing lead single, “We Fight” is vintage 2002 Dashboard Confessional.  “We Fight” is a frantic, emotional, heart on your sleeve rocker with a super catchy chorus.   Opening with a rat-tat-tat guitar intro and a fierce drum roll, Chris instantly draws us in with another “me against the world” anthem for the ages –

“We were the kids that left home, probably too young.   But we took our share and maybe then some.  Tired of beatings and battles and being sewn up.  But that made us grow up and that made ’em scared.   ‘Cause we never learned to keep our voices down.  No!  We only learned to shout!  We fight our way in and we fight our way out!”

Coinciding with the new album’s release is the announcement of a Dashboard Confessional Tour for 2018.  The opening act is Beach Slang, a Philly rock band that borrows a lot of influence from Minneapolis punk rock veterans, The Replacements.  Check out their video for “Spin The Dial” and some old school roller skating.  Hmm, didn’t  The Replacements have a song called “Left Of The Dial”, guess Beach Slang wanted the band to know who inspired them the most! Check out dashboardconfessional.com for tour dates.

Dashboard Confessional, Crooked Shadows track list
1. “We Fight”
2. “Catch You”
3. “About Us”
4. “Heart Beat Here”
5. “Belong”
6. “Crooked Shadows”
7. “Open My Eyes”
8. “Be Alright”
9. “Just What to Say”