What Might Have Been : Little Texas, Kelly Pickler, Johnny Van Zant


After two dramatic, heart-wrenching songs, it’s time for something light and fun.   Kellie Pickler’s adorable and fun personality meets the perfect song and video to fit her style.   “Best Days Of Your Life” is pure pop with a video of a cheating boyfriend still enamored by Kellie.    Taylor Swift makes a cameo.


What Might Have Been if Little Texas had been managed correctly?    Videos with Jeff Foxworthy?    Singing the theme song to Disney’s Little Mermaid?   Changing lead singers every other CD?   Little Texas, has a classic rock Eagles sound with amazing harmonies.    “What Might Have Been” is the Notebook of music videos with a beautiful love story of lost loves with a World War II backdrop.


October 20, 1977, after performing in Louisiana, Ronnie Van Zant, lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd, dies in a plane crash with two bandmates, but the rest of the band survived.     Twelve years later, Ronnie’s little brother, Johnny records this amazing tribute song to his brother.   Brickyard Road is in Jacksonville, FL, the Van Zant boys grew up.   Don’t forget brother Donnie was the lead singer of .38 Special!    One of the greatest families in rock music history.

Brother Do You Realize What You’ve Done
Touched The Hearts Of Everyone
You Might’ve Died Too Young
But Your Songs Live On
I Know I Cant Bring Back Yesterday
But We’ll Be All Together, Again Some Day
Down To Brickyard Road

Johnny has since taken Ronnie’s role as lead singer of Skynyrd and they are still an amazing live act!


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  1. I am doing research on my gggrandmother, Ann VanSant, Tattnall Co, Georgia. My gggrandfather was Shadrack Hancock, they had 6 children. If you can get this to Ronnie’s brother or his daughter Melanie I would appreciate it very much. I have this family back to 1550 in England. I think the Vansant family would like to know about there History. However I need tied there family line to mine. I am vice-president of my UDC Chapter in W.P.B, Fl. My son was so surprised when I told him we are also VanSants. Thank You, for your time. Mildred Gruner