WHAT TIME IS IT? George Thorogood, Jay-Z, Melissa Etheridge


GeorgeThorogoodToday’s post recognizes those incredible late night party songs that give us a timeline of the wild events complete with clock readouts! Up first is George Thorogood’s cover of the Chuck Berry timeless nugget, Reelin’ and Rockin‘. At half past one, George is partying at the club. It’s almost 2PM and he’s spotted a woman who’s grabbed his attention. A little past three, “I was diggin’ here and she was diggin’ me”, by 4PM they were “ready for more”. I’ll let you see how the story ends 🙂


do it againBack in 1999, female rapper, Amil, and Beanie Sigel join Jay-Z on his club banger, Do It Again (Put Your Hands Up). The party anthem adds a little twist to the timeline story theme. First time around the chorus, we get Jay’s description of the wild night:

12 AM on the way to the club (uh)
1 AM DJ made it erupt (uh-huh)
2 AM now I’m gettin with her (what up?)
3 AM now I’m splittin with her (splitting with who?)
4 AM at the waffle house (waffle house)
5 AM now we at my house (uh)
6 AM I be diggin her out (who?)
6:15 I be kickin her out (what?)
7 AM I’ma call my friends (uh-huh)
12AM we gonna do it again, we gon, we gon, we gonna do it again
(We gonna do it again)

Second time around, Amil spins a slightly different version of how the night went.

12 AM on the way to the club (uh huh)
1 AM bout to shake the butt (uh)
2 AM now I’m checkin the mix (ah yeah)
3 AM now he buyin me drinks (what you drinkin on)
4 AM exit the club (let’s go)
5 AM think he gettin some butt (that’s right)
6 AM nigga still ain’t bust (what)
6:15 nigga will get up (uh)
7 AM gotta tell my friends (ah huh)
12 AM I’ma do it again, uh, uh


your little secretMelissa wins the award for the most accurate timeline. At 1:25 she notices she’s seen that look before. Twenty nine minutes later, we learn about their “unusual kiss”. Things get hot and heavy by 2:45, still going strong at 3:17. By 4:23 most would have been exhausted, but Melissa’s promising to give it all she’s got. By 5:26 nothing left to say, “black and white has melted into grey as my baby draws the shades as the taxi pulls away”. The song is sensual, sexual, but never explicit. The YouTube clip is a little rough with the audio but it’s vintage Etheridge.