Whatever Happened to Alex Hepburn?

In 2013, Alex Hepburn released her debut album, “Together Alone”.   A soulful, bluesy, raspy voice that conjures up images of a cross between Amy Winehouse and Bonnie Tyler.   The debut album made a little splash in Europe including reaching the Top 3 in Switzerland and France.   The lead single, “Under” was co-written by Alex and was a powerful pop rock anthem that once again became a hit in Europe but never broke on the US charts or even her home country, England.   As expected, the song is now a “lost treasure” as Alex Hepburn hasn’t released a new album since her debut and I’m sure many of you have never had the pleasure of hearing “Under”.

“UNDER” Alex Hepburn

If you want to dig a little deeper, “Pain Is” is a emotional heartbreaker with a down and dirty blues vocal that should have been the second big single from the album.  Co-written with Linda Perry of 4-Non Blondes, it feels like it could have been recorded by Linda back in the 90s!   On Alex Hepburn’s Twitter page, she promised a year ago that new music is on the way!   Let’s hope someone in the States or the UK recognizes Alex’s vocal talent and we can enjoy more great music from this underrated powerful singer.