Whatever Happened To American Idol Runner-up, James Durbin?

farewell-james-durbinThe thirteenth season of American Idol has just begun.   Unlike some of the other music award shows, American Idol has actually spawned some legitimate pop superstars.   Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry, and Jennifer Hudson have become consistent chart toppers.   Many of the runner-ups took their exposure and released an album or two but have yet to reach the upper echelon.  One example is 2010’s fourth place finisher, rocker James Durbin.   What’s happened to James since getting kicked off American Idol?



DurbinMemoryDisasterThree weeks after his dismissal, the heavy metal rocker/fan got to live out a lifelong dream and performed with Judas Priest at the finale.  What an opportunity!  James then released his solo CD, Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster in 2011.  His single, Stand Up, become a fixture on ESPN highlight shows and two other singles charted.    His personal life took an upswing on New Years Eve 2011 when James got married.


james_durbin_parachuteSales figures were high enough to justify a sophomore CD and “Celebrate” will be available in April this year.   James co-wrote 10 of the 11 tracks on the disc.  The lead single, “Parachute” has already been released.  Despite rumors that the new CD will harder, even heard the word “Metal” thrown around, the lead single is 100% pop.   It’ll be curious how fans relate to this commercial sound.




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  1. I have bought all of James albums except the one that didn’t come out as a cd. I hope his next album come out as a hard copy and any after that is a hard copy. James is my only rocker!!!!!!!!