Whatever Happened to The Jets?

The Jets Got It AllFrom 1985 to 1990, an eight member family group called The Jets was scoring hit after hit on the pop and R&B Billboard charts. The Minneapolis based group is best known for their five Top 10 songs: You Got It All (#3), Make It Real (#4), Cross My Broken Heart (#7), Rocket 2 U (#6), and their first hit, Crush On You (#3). There were seventeen children in the Wolfgramm family (German and Tongan roots) and the eight oldest were in the band. In 1989, their popularity was so huge they played a special performance for the king of Tonga. By 1991, The Jets disappeared from the music scene. Whatever happened to them?


The-Jets-CuriosityThe Wolfgramm kids were all so young when they first tasted success. The vicious music business was causing issues within the family and came close to breaking up their tight union. The girls (Kathi and Elizabeth) dominated most of the songs making the radio and five years into their meteoric career, two of the boys wanted to venture out on their own and joined a side project called Boys Club. Their manager cooked up some shady business deals and the band had to file bankruptcy in the mid-90’s. They ventured away from pop music and the group redirected their attention to religious music. The family is all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and recorded two albums, Love People and Love Will Lead The Way, in the mid 90’s.



the-jets-at-the-state-theatreSince the 90’s, the original girls have since become a group of their own called My Sisters and the younger kids are a new group called ATS (Against The System). So they’re all still making music just in a less-commercial way now. Each of the kids now has families of their own, married, and living all over the world. But in 2010, the group reunited for a special 25th Anniversary tour kicked off back in Minneapolis.

“YOU GOT IT ALL” 25th Anniversary Tour