What’s New In Country? Gary Allan, Chris Janson, Angie Keilhauer

“MESS ME UP” – GARY ALLAN @garyallan

Very few country artists can capture the pain and anger in their songs better than Gary Allan. The gravelly voiced singer grabbed our attention with heartbreaking songs like “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful” and aggressive IDGAF emotions on songs like “Putting My Misery On Display” following the suicide of his wife in 2004. Gary is back with a new song, “Mess Me Up” which continues this anguished pattern. The track has been a concert favorite for over a year but finally has reached the airwaves as an official single. Deeply personal lyrics wrapped around a Southern Rock style musical arrangement packed an emotional punch which deserves to be the comeback song to bring Gary Allan back to the limelight.

“FIX A DRINK” – CHRIS JANSON @janson_chris
Need a perfect summertime drinking song? New country singer, Chris Janson (Buy Me A Boat) isn’t looking to change the world here, but you can’t deny the FUN he’s bringing with his latest hit, “Fix A Drink”. Doesn’t get much simpler (or beach perfect) than these laid-back lyrics: “I can fix a drink, pour it on ice. Mix it on up and get’cha feeling right. I can getcha buzzed, I can getcha smiling. I can make you feel like you’re sitting on an island”. Check out the Luke Bryan and Dustin Lynch cameos in the video and I love the Mountain Dew reference!

“BORN TO DRIVE” – ANGIE KEILHAUER   @angiekeilhauer
Angie Keilhauer may not be a familiar name but you may recognize her from NBC’s The Voice and her performance of Dierks Bentley’s “I Hold On”. The Georgia singer via her home country, El Salvador, is bursting onto the country scene with her 2016 EP, “Home”. Three standout tracks on the EP are “California Soul”, a bouncy ray of sunshine with a contagious pop chorus, the emotional acoustic closer “Am I Crazy”, and “Born To Drive”. The music video for the latter is all attitude, a rocking feel-good driving song that has a glorious Bob Seger vibe.