When Michael Jackson Met Bob Marley

Michael_Jackson_Shot_SheriffIn one of the rarest Michael Jackson videos on the internet, the King Of Pop does a country line dance routine and sings Bob Marley’s “I Shot The Sheriff” on an episode of a Jacksons TV special in the 70s.   Michael is dressed in a full urban cowboy motif at a old fashioned saloon before joining the line dancers for a choreographed dance scene that you just can’t miss checking out!    I’m not sure what is more shocking here, Michael in the cowboy hat or Michael singing Bob Marley?   How in the world did this collaboration come to pass?

“I SHOT THE SHERIFF” – Michael Jackson

bob-marley-wailers-michael-jackson-jackson5Believe it or not, the Jacksons flew down to Jamaica in April of 1975 for a special performance opening for the King of Reggae music in his home country.   Ask most music historians and they’ve likely never heard of this legendary pairing of two of the most influential music artists of the 20th Century, but it’s all true and some rare pictures have leaked from the meeting.  Prior to the concert, Michael and his brothers hung out with Marley and his band and there is a priceless picture of the whole crew hanging out on a giant tree branch.  You can clearly see Bob in the middle of the picture and Michael is four people to the right, next to the man in the Number 31 shirt.  This is not a contrived Loch Ness Monster/Bigfoot fabricated picture, it’s the real deal!    The Jackson Five did a 90 minute set prior to Bob Marley’s full performance at Jamaica’s National Stadium.    A local newspaper reported that the full concert went until 4AM when fans broke down some barricades and forced the show to end.