Rare Cyndi Lauper : “When You Were Mine” & Days Of Fire


Cyndi Lauper is covering early Prince. Check out a rare AMA video captured from a Japanese fan site.  Never afraid to take chances, Cyndi’s visual stage presence, her performance-art style, and her ability to mesmerize a crowd was seen early in her meteoric career.  The song was included on her break-through album, “She’s So Unusual”.


The song opens with the ominous lyrics:   “Tonight I feel the world won’t miss me, so much to say but there’s no one listening” and you wonder if it’s a song about suicide.   But as the lyrics progress, you feel the fight, the hope, determination: “I got a picture of what matters and I keep it close to my heart, it’s a little faded but so am I.”   From the 2009 Canadian New Artist of the Year, Art of Dying is a new band on the rise.


Christian rock band, Day Of Fire, only released three CD’s but my favorite track by them is “The Dark Hills”.  Questioning your worth, your place in this world, the lyrics hit you like a punch in a face:  “searching for the truth through stained glass windows covering up in shame only things I know”  “If anyone knew this ugliness inside me would they throw a stone, would they crucify me?   How heavy was the crown of thorns?”   The theme of forgiveness is laced in the chorus of this dynamic song.

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  1. I really like all these songs!! My favorite two are Cyndi Lauper and Tesla. I used to drive my parents crazy with the Cyndi Lauper hair cut back in the mid 80’s lol. I loooove the energy she has on stage in this video!! Wow! 😀

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