Who’s In? The 2018 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Long live rock? Radiohead was so sure they would be treated like a “Creep” by the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame this year, they scheduled a concert in Buenos Aires on the date of the 2018 induction.   Good call by Thom Yorke and his bandmates as once again, the R&R Hall of Fame selection process for 2018 left out some incredible bands. Depeche Mode, Rage Against The Machine, The Eurythmics, and yes, Radiohead will have to wait until next year.  Solo artists LL Cool J and Kate Bush also missed the cut.   The biggest snub is once again, the exclusion of Heavy Metals gods, Judas Priest.   One of the founding bands of the modern Hard Rock scene, the authenticity of the process is called into question with Judas Priest’s absence.   So who did make the cut and will be honored?  In one of the smallest classes ever, only FIVE main acts will be inducted. In a light on the rock selection year, you’ll notice none of these acts have released a truly relevant album in over a decade.

The Hall Of Fame Class of 2018:

BON JOVI      New Jersey will be represented once again, as Bon Jovi got chosen after first appearing on the ballot in 2008.   Never a critic’s favorite, their music dominated 80s MTV and endless tours have kept their band in the spotlight since then.  Their recent album, “Burning Bridges” in 2016 actually took a shot at the music industry but this didn’t slow down their induction in 2018.


THE CARS    Since arriving in the late 70s, The Cars merged New Wave synthesizers with a traditional rock sound and influenced so many artists along the way.   Their six year run from their self-titled debut through Candy-O to Heartbeat City was such a dominant run.  Easily my favorite band to make the final cut for 2018. It will be fun to see Ric Ocasek back on stage, but sadly we lost Benjamin Orr in 2010.

THE MOODY BLUES    “Nights In White Satin” is an all-time Classic Rock masterpiece.  But no offense to the British Prog-Rock band, I’m still in shock that Depeche Mode and Judas Priest are left off the list and The Moody Blues are in the ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame?  What other songs by The Moody Blues are HOF-worthy? Sure they’ve sold over 70 million records. They have a place next to bands like Yes, Asia, and Emerson Lake And Palmer but is their appeal truly more deserving than others left out?

DIRE STRAITS    Mark Knopfler is a true guitar hero and no one will ever question his mastery of the guitar.   Brothers In Arms is an essential album of the 80s that went multi-platinum, but can you name their other albums?   Does a couple great albums trump a career like that of Depeche Mode who are still cranking out great albums and have influenced Alternative music for decades?

NINA SIMONE    Coming off a recent documentary, “What Happened, Miss Simone?”, her name has been in the spotlight and her indelible talent deserves recognition.   Is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the right venue for Nina?   I’d have to disagree, but many feel her influence was enough to honor Miss Simone.   If that’s the case, I’d have to put LL Cool J in for his effect on Hip Hop since the mid 80s until today.