Who’s That Lady? A 50 Year Musical Journey

isley-bros-inside-youMusic Trivia:  Before Jimi Hendrix started his solo career, he was lead guitarist in what major R&B group?   Jimi grew up with the Isley Brothers and he was part of the group from 1963-1965.  After Jimi went solo, the band got signed to Motown and their career exploded. In fact, the Isley Brothers entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. One of the definitive Isley Brothers songs is “That Lady” from 1973.   It actually was recorded a decade earlier with the title “Who’s That Lady” but the 70’s version was dramatically different.  A Latin-flavored guitar solo by Ernie Isley punctuated by congas, an organ solo, and a killer Ron Isley hook pushed the song to the top of the charts.

“THAT LADY PTS 1 and 2” Isley Brothers

Over the years, “That Lady” took on a life of its own. The Beastie Boys prominently sampled it on their Paul’s Boutique album.   The song always sounded like a lost track from Carlos Santana and sure enough, Carlos covered it for his 1990 album, Spirits Dancing In The Flesh.    Over the years, Salon Selectives and Swiffer both used the song in memorable TV commercials.  If you watched Will Farrell’s classic, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy, you’ll remember “That Lady” as Christina Applegate’s entrance song.   Forty years after the Isley Brothers hit the charts, rapper Kendrick Lamar rode the bassline on his Grammy nominated anthem, “I”.