Bands That Should Be Superstars!: The Kills, Orianthi, Stereoside, Gary Allan,


“DREAMS”  (Fleetwood Mac Cover)      THE KILLS

The Kills have been flying under the radar the past few years.   Critics have lauded their first three CD’s and they are the trendy band that magazines like to point out as a band on the rise.  Alison Mosshart’s voice has such a unique tone and guitarist, Jamie Hence’s arrangements are so creative.    They sound like bands you recognize then flip it around and your jaw drops at how COOL they sound.   Here’s one of the best covers of a Fleetwood Mac song you’ll ever hear!


Orianthi hit a big a few years ago with one of the best pop songs of the year, “According To You”.  The video showed her incredible guitar skills with an overlay of the Rock Band video game buttons superimposed over the video.    Orianthi got her big break playing lead guitar for Michael Jackson.  She was going to break out after his This Is It tour, but we know how that went.  Orianthi’s problem is she is a ROCK star, a guitar hero, who’s being marketed as another pretty pop star.   Here’s a great pop ballad from Orianthi, but once again her true talent isn’t highlighted.

If Johnny Cash was 30 years old today, he’d be singing songs like Gary Allan. When the Country Music Awards announce “Male Vocalist of The Year”, we know the nominees: Chesney, Aldean, Urban, Toby Keith, McGraw, Strait…. they’re all incredible but Gary Allan belongs in this class. His rugged, raspy voice wraps around his genuine lyrics of heartbreak and love. Gary is an incredible live act who hasn’t broken out due to his stance of not “going country pop” and sticking to his love of “real country”. “Putting My Misery” ends with a 3 minute rock guitar solo that is anything but traditional!

I’ve put up a couple other songs by Stereoside over the past year. The Ocala rockers have yet to make a dent on the music industry. Their brand of Southern rock maintains the swagger but their songs are radio ready without sounding exactly like everyone else. Their latest self-named CD had a bland cover and their first single, “Trailer Park Scum” was a lot of fun but definitely not representative of what a great band Steroside is. Market this band correctly and you’re looking at a future headline act.


  1. Thanks! That’s a great move for Orianthi. She’ll be playing with a rock legend. I just saw a clip of her shredding the guitar on a hard rock demo for her next CD.

  2. I really liked the cover of “Dreams”. I liked her style! 🙂 Orianthi and Gary Allan’s songs were great. Gary’s voice is perfect, it’s so sexy! My favorite was Stereoside “Walk alone”. I have this song on one of my really cool CD’s my friend made me. 😀 😀 😀 😀