Why Can’t I Get Just One….: The Verve, Violent Femmes, and Crashdiet


One of the biggest hits of all-time in England is “Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve.  This song comes from the same CD, it also features Richard Ashcroft’s ability to captivate and the hook of “yes, there’s love if you want it, don’t sound like a sonnet” sticks in your head.


The Violent Femmes’ debut CD was groundbreaking.   “Blister In the Sun” with its mysterious lyrics, the New Wave energy of “Kiss Off”, and the concert favorite “Add It Up”.   Based out of my birthtown, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Violent Femmes were discovered by Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders.  This song features the memorable lyrics:   Why Can’t I Get Just One More ……….


The L.A. Glam scene rocked the 80’s and its spirit and energy has been maintained in Sweden.  Vains Of Jenna, Babylon Bombs, Crazy Lixx, and my favorite, Crashdiet.  This song feels like a lost song from a Hanoi Rocks/Skid Row demo.   Bands like this are raw, all over the place, you question their ability, but that’s the basis of a lot of great glam bands.  Crashdiet’s original lead singer committed suicide but new singer, Simon Cruz (seen here), is a great fit.   The video is a little messed up, but this song depicts their style, energy, and fun.