Win Music Trivia with 4 Forgotten 70’s Hits: Paul Davis, Hamilton/Joe Frank & Reynolds, John Stewart, Pilot


Want to stump your friends, ask them if they remember the music of Paul Davis. After a few puzzled thoughts, start playing his hits like “Cool Night”, “Sweet Life”, “65 Love Affair”, or “I Go Crazy” and you’re reminded of the blue eyed soulful voice of a 70’s music icon.   Bands like Poco, England Dan & John Ford Coley, and Paul Davis were perfect at conjuring up images of romantic young love mixed with sweet memorable melodies that took listeners back to a much more innocent time.    “I Go Crazy” opens with those incredible lines:  “Getting over you was slow, They say old lovers can be good friends, But I never thought I’d really see you, I’d really see you again, I go crazy, When I look in your eyes I still go crazy.”


You’d win at music trivia if you can remember the names of the two big hits by the less than memorably named band, Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds. But “Falling In Love” and “Don’t Pull Your Love Out” are iconic 70’s hits. The latter always reminded me of a lost Elvis Presley love song. “Falling In Love” is the perfect love song, laid back and cool, very romantic, yet there’s a little rock and roll edge to keep the schmaltzy lyrics from overpowering the song. Amazing song!


If you haven’t stumped them with your 70’s music trivia yet, here’s another lost classic. Pilot’s Top 5 hit, Magic, is so memorable for that outrageously catchy hook, “oh oh it’s magic, you know…..”. The song was produced by Alan Parsons who also worked with Pink Floyd. The Scottish band was introduced to the States by the Bay City Rollers, another 70’s pop band who left their mark on the U.S. Top 40 charts with songs like “Saturday Night”.


John Stewart began his career as a member of the folk group, the Kingston Trio. John went on to write the pop hit, “Daydream Believer” for the Monkees. After this less than rock n’ roll start to his career, John began a solo career in the 70’s and hit #5 with the California rocker, “Gold”. The song features back-up vocals by Fleetwood Mac’s songstress, Stevie Nicks. Loved hearing Stevie singing that line: “California girls are the greatest in the world, Each one’s a song in the making” and who can forget the hook line, “Drivin’ over Kanan, singin’ to my soul, There’s people out there turnin’ music into gold.”