Wish You Were Here: Pink Floyd CD Spotlight

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here1973:   Pink Floyd releases “Dark Side Of The Moon”.    50 Million copies are sold worldwide, the breathtaking album spends a record 741 weeks on the charts (1973 to 1988).     Not only one of the most influential records of all-time, many critics consider it of the greatest albums of the rock and roll era.   So how do you recapture the magic?   Imagine going into the studio trying to improve on “perfection”.    Pink Floyd’s follow-up album, “Wish You Were Here” borrowed some ideas but then took them in a totally new direction.    Like Dark Side, this was a concept album built on band member, Sid Barrett’s mental decline, but also inspired by critiques of the business the music industry was built upon.     “Wish You Were Here” is only five songs total.   Side One begins with a 13 minute opus called “Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V”.      Side Two ends with a similar 12 minute  extravaganza giving us parts VI-IX.      Sandwiched between the epic Sid Barrett tribute songs are three of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits.


pink floyd back cover“Welcome To The Machine” attacks the music industry’s money making system.   The sound effects, synthesizers, acoustic guitar, and unique time changes is unforgettable.   “Have A Cigar” featured guest vocals by English folk singer, Roy Harper.     This was the hardest rock song on the album and became a radio favorite for rock DJ’s.   The song ends with the sound of a radio station being changed as the music segues into the incredible title track.  “Wish You Were Here” is among Rolling Stone Magazines Top 500 songs of all-time.  The David Gilmour guitar solos (both acoustic and electric), the piano interlude, and Gilmour’s greatest vocals highlight the track.  A recent reissue turned up the mix on violinist  Stephane Grappelli’s work on the track.   David Gilmour has gone on record saying “Wish You Were Here” is his favorite Pink Floyd album.   Sales will never match Dark Side Of The Moon but to many fans, this is the ultimate Pink Floyd CD.