Music To Energize, Motivate, and Inspire

BEST OF MIKE’S DAILY JUKEBOX (Original post: Nov 12, 2012)


The power of music to inspire and motivate is a driving force in my life and so many people all over the world.  When I’m driving in my car or heading for a workout, bands like Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars are the perfect recipe for a quick jolt of positive energy and a push for greater intensity.    The song and video for “Kings and Queens” feels like it was inspired by Queen.    The pack of bicyclists and the battle cry of taking over the city is a vivid visual treat in this 2010 alternative rock epic.



You must remember the controversy when Vanilla Ice’s #1 hit, “Ice Ice Baby” took over the charts and he claimed that it wasn’t a rip off of Queen’s “Under Pressure”.   Rob Van Winkle said he added a couple “ding ta da dings” to the hook to make it uniquely his own 🙂   I’ll give Vanilla Ice credit for this, he chose a PERFECT SONG to sample if you want to fire up your attitude.  From those dramatic opening notes, it’s a sports theme anthem, a duet of two of biggest iconist rockers of all-time, and a song that builds the intensity to a frenzy for four dramatic minutes.



The YouTube comment for this song was dead-on perfect, shut up if you want to dismiss this song or band because Skillet is classified as a “Christian band” or the lyrics could be applied to their love of God.   “Awake And Alive” is pure motivation, a hard rock punch to the face to take charge of your life and own it.    Lead singer, John Cooper, and the drummer, Jen Ledger, trade off an intense interchange of energized lyrics to kickstart any day.   However the lyrics are interpreted by you, the 2010 song’s message of action rings loudly.