The Year The Music Died – The Top 10 Musician Deaths of 2016

2016 is almost over but for music fans the year will live in infamy forever.  One after another, some of the biggest superstars and musical pioneers passed away in the last 365 days.  We got a fair warning when we lost Lemmy of Motorhead and Natalie Cole just three days before the new year. But no one was prepared for the impact of 2016, this was no normal year.   Name the musical genre, it was affected by the loss of one of our heroes and icons.   “The Year The Music Died” isn’t over yet, so I’m hoping this list doesn’t have to updated in the next two weeks.  The greatest gift that music provides is the power to heal, bring joy, comfort, and strength.  Each of these musicians have left an incredible legacy of music that will live on forever into the future. Their influence on our lives and on all of the musicians that have followed in their footsteps cannot be forgotten.

  •  PRINCE  (April 21 at 57)

  •  DAVID BOWIE (Jan 10 at 69)

  •  GLENN FREY  (Jan 18 at 67)

  •  MERLE HAGGARD  (April 6 at 79)
  •  LEONARD COHEN  (Nov 7 at 82)
  •  MAURICE WHITE (Feb 3 at 74)

  •  GEORGE MARTIN Aka The 5th Beatle(March 8 at 90)
  •  PAUL KANTNER  (Jan 28 at 74)
  •  MALIK TAYLOR Aka Phife Dawg (March 23 at 45)
  •  LEON RUSSELL (Nov 13 at 74)
  • And let’s not forget the memories of BILLY PAUL (“Me And Mrs Jones”), VANITY, both KEITH EMERSON and GREG LAKE of E.L.P., Elvis’ guitarist SCOTTY MOORE, and BOBBY VEE