You Sexy Thing: Foo Fighters, Stereophonics, Conway Twitty

“EVERLONG”                   FOO FIGHTERS

One of my top 20 all-time songs!   “Everlong” live is incredible with the high energy guitar/drum combination, but Dave Grohl’s acoustic version adds a different intensity as he draws out all of the sexiness out of the lyrics.   Either way it works!   David Letterman said it was his favorite song too. Which version is your favorite? The first video is from Dave’s first show back after his heart surgery.   Favorite line:  
And I wonder
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again


Stereophonics, out of Wales, are a big deal in Europe but have yet to hit it as big here in the States.    They record their own material but I LOVE their covers.   “Don’t Let Me Down” (Beatles), “Angie” (Stones), “Nothing Compares To You” (Prince) and especially this Hot Chocolate disco song are a great sample of their ability to cover a song and add a new twist.    The drums kicking in just before the chorus makes this song even better than the original.

“GOODBYE TIME”                    CONWAY TWITTY

Blake Shelton hit #1 with a cover of this country music classic but Conway Twitty’s version remains the ultimate emotional powerhouse version.  The heartbreaking but honest lyrics question holding onto something that is already gone. Conway’s vocals are so intense, it’ll tear you up inside and they even got Vince Gill on backing vocals.   Favorite line:  “If the feeling’s gone / Words won’t stop you anyway”