Young Guns: Ones And Zeros CD Review

Young Guns – “Ones and Zeros”


Young_Guns ones zerosAlt-rockers Young Guns just released their third CD, Ones and Zeros.   Best known for their aggressive second CD’s title track Bones, the band switched their musical direction this time around.  From the opening track, Rising Up, the Young Guns are aiming at a bigger audience with a more theatrical sound.  It can be a big risk to go away from your core audience but I admire the Young Guns for taking some risks and experimenting with new styles.  The electronica of Linkin Park’s recent work, Coldplay’s subdued “Ghost Stories”, and the arena anthems of The Killers are heavy influences this time around on the rising U.K. band.  If you go in expecting a hard-driving rock album, you’ll be disappointed at the new direction.  Too many songs like “Gravity” and “Die On Time” venture into soft dreamlike lullabies.   Heck, there’s even a song calledLullaby“!  The band never approaches hard rock status here but the high energy pop rockersSpeaking In Tongues“, “Daylight“, and the title track should be concert favorites. Essential track:Infinitythe uplifting rocker could be the band’s best song to date.

GRADE  82/100

“DAYLIGHT” Young Guns

younggunslive1Guest reviewer, Corey Stallings stated, “Looked at other reviews while considering this album, most of them I agree with, it’s average and a downgrade from Bones, their last album.  They add some indie rock and and an electronic rock mix from the lead off track “Rising Up.”  By far you could pick worst albums then Ones And Zeros. But to be honest I prefered the more hard rock/alternative sound of Bones.   The better rock album released this month is Breaking Benjamin’s “Dark Before Dawn“.   I give the Young Guns 3.5/5 stars.