Your Christmas Party Soundtrack: Lost Classic From The 60’s

ventures christmas albumTracking at only 27 minutes long, California surf rock pioneers, The Ventures, created one of the best Christmas albums of all-time that so many people have never had the pleasure of hearing.   Check your used record stores, eBay, even your favorite Torrent websites, but trust me, you’ll love this vintage Holiday classic from the 60’s.   Taking a popular jam like “Walk Don’t Run” and playing the intro before transitioning into a Xmas favorite like “Sleigh Ride” is a wild experience. 

The Ventures are strictly a garage band, fuzzy guitars, reverb, lightning quick drum rolls, and a whole lotta attitude, but it’s the perfect album for setting the party mood. YouTube has the full album ready for streaming (link included) plus a mini-video of the opening track, Sleigh Bells, is added: