Your Mama’s So Poor, She Went To McDonalds and Put A Shake On Lawaway: David Guetta with Sia, Lil Wayne (Heart Sample), Biz Markie, James Ingram


“I’m criticized, but all your bullets ricochet.  You shoot me down, but I get up.  I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose” – Titanium is another club smash by producer David Guetta.  Teaming up with Sia was an unexpected match.   Sia is primarily a jazzy, introspective singer-songwriter but her vocals on this dance track work flawlessly with David’s party beats.   The original version of this song had Mary J. Blige and even Katy Perry was offered the track but she turned it down.  The song has topped the charts in multiple countries and the supernatural themed video is definitely worth checking out.


I dare you not to sing the hook!  “Oh baby, YOU got what I need, but you say he’s just a friend”  This is old school rap at its finest, a simple rhyme, funny storytelling, and a chorus that gets the entire crowd chanting with Biz!  This song and his other big hit, “The Vapors” earned him the nickname, the “Clown Prince Of Rap”.    Some other fun facts about Biz:   Won the first season of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, appeared as an alien in Men In Black II, and the only guy who has rapped on a Rolling Stones song, “Anybody Seen My Baby”.


Remember the first time you heard James Ingram’s voice?   Incredible, a deep baritone, strong yet sensitive, James Ingram was discovered by Quincy Jones.  “100 Ways” and “Just Once” are two of the prettiest love songs of all time.  “She Loves Me” wasn’t a big hit but it’s very similar to his most famous hits.   What I love about the song is how the slow, vulnerable, romantic first half builds up until the last minute where James gets funky, soulful, no holds barred!    I wish James took more risks in the studio, could’ve had a longer career mixing up his predictable style.


Say what you want about Weezy, he’s one of the hardest working guys in music today.   Not only does he release his own CD’s, he’s a guest rapper on countless songs, he’s releasing new mixtapes every few months, and one of biggest influences on today’s music scene.   One of these mixtapes including “Something You Forgot” – a heartbreaking song sampling Ann Wilson and Heart’s 80’s classic, “What About Love”.    One of my favorite Lil Wayne facts, his given name is Dwayne Jr. but he’s goes by Wayne, why?  His dad wasn’t involved in his life and he didn’t want the reminder.  When asked if his dad knows why he changed his name, Lil Wayne said with a smile, “He does now!”.