You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me “Covers”: Dynamite Hack, Northern Kings, Patent Pending

dynamite hackEasy E was the epitome of West Coast Rap. A former gang member who rapped street stories about South Central Los Angeles and the struggle to survive. Who better to cover one of his greatest songs than Dynamite Hack, an ultra-preppy boy band with corduroy sweaters, loafers, and long shorts. The song might be a parody, but it does find a way to recapture some of Easy’s attitude. It’s a hidden treasure classic

northern kingsA heavy metal supergroup based out of Finland with a lead singer that sounds like the son of Ronnie James Dio and Klaus from the Scorpions. Of course, if you’re a power metal symphonic foreign band what better song to jam out to than a Lionel Ritchie soft rock ballad? What? This shouldn’t work but somehow you can’t look away. The guitar solo and the singer’s wail somehow blend well in this crazy cover!

patentpendingYou have to remember these sensitive lyrics, “Its just one of those days, When you don’t wanna wake up,
Everything is f**ked, Everybody sux, You don’t really know why but you want justify, Rippin’ someone’s head off,
No human contact And if you interact, Your life is on contract. Your best bet is to stay away motherf**ker,
It’s just one of those days!!” This Limp Bizkit song is the perfect having a bad day anthem. Imagine the song sung as a piano ballad with a slowed tempo and extra sensitivity. You don’t need to imagine, here’s the video:


  1. Different? Is that a good thing? 🙂 Boyz In The Hood has been a guilty pleasure song for years. I just heard the Limp Bizkit cover, they’re a pop punk band who got creative here. Yes, I’m sure that song was a good release song for you! Love the original too.

  2. That was certainly different. I must say after the night I’m having at work, it was great listening to these cover songs! Patent Pending really touched my heart after the last couple of weeks I’ve had.