You’ve Heard It At Stadiums But I Bet You Don’t Know The Name Of This Song: Zombie Nation, Amos Lee, Jackson Taylor Band


The stadiums are doing The Wave, the speakers are blasting that song you’ve heard a million times, the chorus of “Whoa-oh-oh” is whipping the crowd into a frenzy.  Sports teams from everywhere including Brazil’s soccer team, baseball’s Boston Red Sox, hockey’s Toronto Maple Leafs, Australian football teams, even the Alabama Crimson Tide, have played this song to get their fans “pumped” up during the game.   But what is the song’s title?  “Zombie Nation” is chanted in the chorus.  But wait!   “Zombie Nation” is the band’s name, the actual song is titled “Kernkraft 400”  The band is actually a Munich DJ who combines techno with electronica and will forever be known for his electrifying song that no one remembers the correct title.  


Flip through the radio dial and the same songs get played to death, similar styles generate copycat versions.   The Jackson Taylor Band break the rules of traditional country music and haven’t gotten the airplay they deserve.   They combine great storytelling with Southern Rock, a take it or leave it attitude that hasn’t translated into chart success YET.   “Miles” is a rockin’ love song you’ve likely never heard but will be singing along with by the end of the first chorus.


“Something about a Southern girl makes me feel right.”   Amos Lee’s voice perfectly combines folk with a bluesy soulful mix that shines on this track from his 2006 CD, “Supply And Demand”.   His lyrics sound country here but his vocals sound like a lost 70’s singer-songwriter classic.  If someone who’s all over the charts, like Kenny Chesney, covered this song, I could see it become a #1 smash and a country music classic.