Zac Brown Discography: Favorite Song On Each CD


The Zac Brown Band is based out of Georgia. From their legendary live shows, they built up a fervent fan base eager to sell out every concert they perform. A combination of country, blues, R&B, the ZBB is a jam band who are finally getting the credit they deserve. Their 2012 album, Uncaged”, just released their 2nd single, “Goodbye In Her Eyes”.  The lyrics sting and will break your heart.  The first single, “The Wind” featured a upbeat bluegrass style mixed with a modern county sound. But my favorite track is “Day That I Die” featuring help from Amos Lee and a great acapella breakdown near the end of the song..   The power of music, the majesty of a melody stuck in your head, the inner strength to carry on:

‘Cause I believe that I,
Was born with a song inside of me.
Never question why,
I just kept on chasing that melody.
And as time goes by,
Oh it’s funny how time can make you realize,
We’re running out of it.


Kid Rock heard about the Zac Brown Band and their incredible live shows but he wanted to see first hand just how good they were.  He dropped in at a show unannounced and was “blown away”!!   Kid Rock was about to head out to the Middle East to perform for the troops.  He went backstage after the concert and from that one show, asked the ZBB to join him on a plane leaving that week.  Here’s a collaboration of a Marshall Tucker song on their live double CD.


The 2010 CD “You Get What You Give” featured high profile duets with Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett.   The positive message of “Keep Me In Mind” was another highlight from their 2nd major label release.   But the devastating lyrics and haunting vocals on “Colder Weather” was the epic masterpiece from the album.   A song about a ramblin’ man with a gypsy soul, a long distance love affair, the pain of longing accompanied by the anticipation of the excitement when they should meet again.   Liam Hemsworth guest starred in the video.


The Foundation is simply put, one of the greatest country music albums of all-time.  “Chicken Fried” was traditional C&W with a patriotic tone.  “Highway 20 Ride” is the tearjerker about children caught between divorced parents.  “Whatever It Is” was highlighted on Valentine’s Day for being one of the most romantic songs of the year.  “Free” inspired the troops and hit Top 10.  Then you have “Toes” – my favorite song from 2008!   “Toes” combined laidback Island music with a little Spanglish all laced with country music.  Plus who doesn’t love the line, “I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand!”


Not an official major label release from the band.  The Zac Brown Band made their name with energetic live shows often highlighted by incredible covers of artists including Stevie Wonder (Isn’t She Lovely), Ryan Adams (Come Pick Me Up), Van Morrison (Into The Mystic), Snoop Dogg (Gin & Juice), and Marvin Gaye (Let’s Get It On).  The band crossovers from country music to Southern Rock to classic R&B.   Here’s a very early radio acoustic version of “On This Train” released three years later on The Foundation. Check out Zac’s dog who shows up at the end of the radio interview.