Zeppelin Meets The White Stripes – Spotlight On Reignwolf

Fuzzed out guitars, howling Blues riffs, and passionate raw vocals, he’s been proclaimed the next Jack White, Hendrix reincarnated, “the future of rock and roll” ….for the past five years.   Reignwolf has been mesmerizing fans on stage with his wild and unpredictable live shows, you’ll notice half the time they’re a trio and other half it’s just their leader, Jordan Cook going solo.  Which has confused many of Reignwolf’s fan including the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne.  Reignwolf had the honor of opening for Black Sabbath on their 2014 tour.  Ozzy went backstage and said “I’ve been watching all of your videos, are you a band or a man?”  And the guys yelled back “We’re both!”  Let me shed a little light, Jordan Cook, AKA Reignwolf, has a band that features a bassist named Stitch and a drummer who goes by the name, Texas Jo.  But most of the time, Jordan takes it to the stage solo and does it all.   Kid Rock, Jack White, and Ed Sheeran have been known to “do it all” on stage but I dare you to name a better one man band?


Drenched in a pool of sweat, a Reignwolf performance is raw, electric, full contact, blues soaked, and will leave your jaw dropped at the sheer power of one man’s energy.   Seriously, how can you play such a heavy guitar riff with one hand and play drums at the same time?   So far, Reignwolf’s biggest claim to fame has been a memorable appearance on HBO’s “Roadies” and Rolling Stone Magazine naming him on their list of Top 10 Artists You Need To Know in 2014.    But he’s still yet to release his debut album!!   The biggest issue is finding a producer that capture his unbridled sound and fury from his live shows to match the cleaned up studio production.  His polished version of “Hardcore” pales in comparison to Reignwolf’s appearance on “Roadies”.   We’ve been promised an album is on the way for a few years, here’s hoping 2017 makes the “future of rock and roll” become the present.

“THE CHAIN (Fleetwood Mac Cover)”