Zoe Kravitz on Californication: QUEENS OF DOGTOWN, JONATHAN DAVIS (KORN), and WARRANT


From the Showtime series, Californication, comes this made for TV band.     The lead guitarist is David Duchovny’s daughter (on the show) and the lead vocalist is Zoe Kravitz (yes!  daughter of Lenny and Lisa Bonet).    Queens Of Dogtown cover a Alice In Chains classic so they’re setting themselves up for ridicule here but the female bar band reinterpretation still rocks hard and manages to show reverence to the original.


A great cover should remind you of the original but take it in a new direction.     Korn covering a Neil Diamond lounge song?   Jonathan Davis goes back to a 1980 song from The Jazz Singer soundtrack and adds his intense, creepy, yet mesmerizing vocals and truly takes it in a new direction.  He does include a few “bitch” lines that I’m sure Neil must have overlooked when he recorded it.  This song originally appeared in “Wonderland” a movie starring Val Kilmer.   

“BLIND FAITH”               WARRANT

In my top 10 of all hair metal songs, “Blind Faith” by Jani Lane and Warrant would be included on that exclusive list.    This song has it all:  a memorable guitar solo, a lighters in the air chorus, and the sweetest love song lyrics of any of the big  power ballads of the decade.     Favorite lines:  

your eyes keep things well hidden
just a hint of what you’re holding inside
and the first day that I met you
I consider the first day of my life
thanks to you now I know
all my dreams can come true

Blind faith in you I’ve got blind faith in you
and i’m not sure I deserve a woman so true
but I love that you think I do