Zombies vs Twilight Breaking Dawn: Green Day, Rolling Stones, TobyMac


2012 saw the final episodes of the Harry Potter series and Breaking Dawn II, the conclusion of the Twilight movies. Where will teenage girls turn to next? Hunger Games’ sequel is due and there is a lot of talk about the franchise potential for two books, Beautiful Creatures and The Uglies. On the soundtrack to Breaking Dawn, the usual suspects are there: Christina Perri, Feist, Ellie Goulding, but then a surprise…..Green Day! Here’s a softer side of the band with a new video splitting between concert and movie footage.


“DOOM AND GLOOM”     ROLLING STONES (official video)

The #1 show on TV for 18-49 old males is AMC’s Walking Dead. This is the first time a non-major network, basic cable channel has ever held that title. Emo vampires are winning at the box office (Twilight’s Breaking Dawn II) but creepy zombies are winning the battle on TV. This trendy new band :), the Rolling Stones, are jumping on the zombie bandwagon with a video starring Noomi Rapace going postal on the undead in a Louisiana swamp. You may not recognize Noomi but she’s the lead actress in the U.S. version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.



Imagine if Jason Mraz had more swagger, you’d get “Made For Me” by TobyMac. The song is a total FEEL-GOOD taste of summer with a bouncy pop hit with a little reggae undertones. The irresistible love song will have you singing along then midway, he takes the pace way down, for the sweet interlude: “She is a flower, you are the rain, she gets more beautiful every day”. The song doesn’t have an official video and I’m not sure Toby is releasing it as a single so it’s the perfect song to share with friends unfamiliar with an underrated artist who hasn’t crossed over to mainstream big time yet.